Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Gen project- single phase transformer

Before we became too involved in re-wiring the SmartDrive unit we found a small transformer. This gave us the idea that we can stick with our 12V phase voltage output and simply transform up to 24V.
We want 24V rather than 12V because we have a 24Vdc inverter.

Our transformer is a multi-tap type and has various voltage inputs and outputs depending on what way you hook it up.

We connected the red phase (only a single phase transformer) of our generator up to the 22V primary. 22V? I thought we wanted pretty much that? Yes.. but that happens to be the smallest primary winding available.. but that's not a concern because:
The lowest secondary winding of this transformer has an output voltage of 200V, now we only want just over a tenth of that, keep in mind 200V will only be produced at full noise and we want some flexibility with this voltage.

So what we achieved was, just with spinning the unit with our hand, a 37V output at approx. 100rpm.
This means that at higher speeds we can easily achieve higher voltages or, when we connect a load and have volt drop under load, we can spin the unit a bit more to keep our 24V output.

The next stage we will be looking at is getting two more transformers or a 3phase transformer so we can utilise all 3 phases and create a diode bridge rectifier to get our DC flowing.

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